So you ask yourself - how does becoming CLIMATE-NEUTRAL work?

1. We REDUCE any internal impact we can in advance - 
e.g. we only use GREEN ENERGY (climate-neutral electricity) in our studio,  
have 90% RECYCLED PAPER BACKDROPS  for shootings and much more.

2. We CALCULATE the emissions caused for your exact production/ project with us.
You receive a detailed REPORT after the production ended.

3. We COMPENSATE via our own climate project in the Jhapa District, Nepal.
That's where we plant the trees for you, to offset emissions caused.
The project is called ".PALM FURTHER" and set up with our green project partner PLETA UG.

4. You receive a CERTIFICATE from us and our farmers that the trees were actually planted.

Details of our climate-project .PALM FURTHER will follow soon.
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